• Apollo Super ATF - MV

    Apollo Super ATF - MV is a high performance fluid that consists of specail blend of high quality synthetic base stocks with an advanced additives system that meets and exceeds most of the American, European and Asian original equipment manufacturer’s requirement.

    Suitable for vehicles that specify the following requirements:
    • JASO M315 Type 1A
    • Allison C-4
    • Toyota Type T, T-II, T-III, T-IV & D-2
    • Honda DW-1
    • Hyundai / Kia / Mitsubishi SP-II, SP-III
    • Nissan Matic C, D, J
    • Subaru / Suzuki ATF Oil, ATF Oil Special
    • Mazda ATF D-III, ATF M-3
    • Isuzu BESCO ATF-II, III
    • 4, 5 Speed BMW / MB / VW

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